Tiki O'Riley
Traditional Celtic, Appalachian, Old Timey Music
About Tiki

Tiki O'Riley

8 to 20 Session players with a wide variety of instruments and talents. Instruments including but not always limited to  Accordions, Upright Bass Fiddle, Bodhrans, Bouzoukis, Button Accordions, Concertina, Dulcimer, Fiddles, Flutes, Guitars, Harp, Mandolin, Penny Whistles, Piano Accordion, Pipes, and Voices.

Tiki can play many styles of events and their repertoire showcases a lovely blend of  Celtic, Appalachian and Old Timey fare.

Tiki O'Riley a very good group of friends who found out that they also happen to play dam good together and have a great time doing so....... Enjoy Tiki!

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